We are an 8-piece band that plays 1950s rhythm & blues, jump blues and 50s style New Orleans r&b. Very unique combo nowdays for our amazing 26-years-old female singer, as well as 3-piece brass section that capture a vintage groove, like back in the heydays of Fats Domino, Little Richard or Ruth Brown. We play for several years now, on the stages all across the Europe – from festivals to clubs in England, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Austria, Denmark, and so on....The first album, „Take One“, was released in 2010 for Rhythm Bomb Records in Germany, and the second one, "Jukebox Daddy", in 2014, along with the 45 single release - YOUR FIRST KISS 7 SCORCHED. Our original song „I Need You Tonight“ was featured as the opening number for the German screwball-musical „The Last Lie“. We made several TV appearances, as well as live radio shows. Discography: Full lenght album "Jukebox Daddy" 45 single release "Your First Kiss b/w Scorched" Our first album 'Take one'

Band nameBillie and the Kids

Rockabilly festival Daruvar 201821:00h July 06, 2018

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