Since 1985 Boppin’B has played the stages of this planet with their very own brand of Rock’n Roll. Arising from a school band, their first LP was recorded 1988 and was called‚ Bee Bop’. Due to the large number of gigs by 1990, the decision was made to make a full time job out of this successful hobby. Since then, the band have played about 200 gigs a year. The style of Boppin’B has developed and evolved over the years. This is self evident when comparing any two of their large range of LPs, CDs and Maxi CD singles released over their long career. At the Beginning, their first record had the traditional rockabilly sound at its core. However this has lead over time to the current reincarnation of the bands music. It takes the form of their successful current album ‘Bop around the pop’ which was released in 2004. This album brought the band their long awaited but highly deserved chart success. The album and its singles “If you believe” and “We can leave the world’ made it into the German charts which created enormous media attention and interest. This brought Boppin’B success and popularity on the stage but, most of all, by entertaining an ever increasing numbers of new converts to their music. The music of Boppin’B today is completely unique, although it’s roots are soundly based around Rock n Roll. It is the bands skillful integration of other music styles which colour their unique sound. Some of these influences come from genres like - Ska,, Swing, Rockabilly, Punk and Pop. Further more, they have, covered many modern pop songs, playing them in their very own Boppin’B style. They first included a pop song on one of their early albums which was called ‘The look’, released in 1990. The inclusion of pop covers continued in later recorded releases which complimented their substantial repertoire of their own songs The 5 musicians attach a lot of importance to writing and recording their own songs. They have always taken great care and in turn pride, over their original compositions, which are often written in both English and German. Even though the band is frequently on television and radio in their homeland, it is clearly the stage which Boppin’B is widely famed for. No wonder, after playing more than 5000 live gigs! The comedic and flamboyant stage show of the band, is always secondary to the music. The band show that they are not only extremely accomplished professional musicians but also that they enjoy playing and entertaining their audiences with their sheer energy for the music. For this reason Boppin’B must be considered one of the finest contemporary live acts playing today. The Band: Golo Sturm Guitars, Vocals Didi Beck Double bass Frank Seefeldt Saxophone, Vocals Mich Bock Lead- Vocals, Ac.Guitar Thomas Weiser Drums, Vocals Discography: -LP-CD „Bee Bop“ -LP-CD „Look“ -LP-CD „Go“ -CD „Hits“ -CD „100%...“ -CD „Scheißkapelle“ -CD „42“ -CD „bop around the pop“ -LP „best of Boppin’B“ Japan release -Maxi-CD „Schöne Bescherung“ -Maxi-CD „Ein toller Tag“ -Maxi-CD „If you believe“ -Maxi-CD „We can leave the world“ -CD “BANG” -CD “Monkey Business” -CD “ Boppin B.” -CD “ The Bop wont Stop”

Band nameBoppin´B

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