Trg kralja Tomislava 43500 Daruvar , Croatia

Daruvar (Czech: Daruvar, German: Daruwar, Hungarian: Daruvár, Latin: Aqua Balissae) is a spa town and municipality in Slavonia, northeastern Croatia, with a population of 8,567, as of 2011.[2] It is located on the foothills of Papuk mountain and along the Toplica river. The main political and cultural centre of the Czech national minority in Croatia, it has a winemaking tradition reportedly dating back more than 2000 years.

Coordinates: 45.590555°N 17.225°E Area: 64 km2 Altitude: 190 m Daruvar is located 125 km from Zagreb, the national capital, and 130 km from Osijek, the main city of Slavonia to the east. The closest cities are: Pakrac, Lipik, Novska, Križevci, Bjelovar, Virovitica.

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